DXT first entered the US Gas & Power markets in 2015 with the launch of DufEnergy Trading USA LLC, later rebranded to DXT Commodities North America Inc. (“DXT NA”).

The Stamford, Connecticut based business unit focuses on identifying opportunities in the ever-changing world of the North American energy sector.
Incorporating disciplined risk-management techniques into physical gas and power markets is our proven long-term strategy of value generation.

After the first period where the activities were focused on the financial trading, during 2019 DXT NA received Market Based Rate authority and has since entered into significant volumes of wholesale load within the PJM ISO.

In 2020 DXT NA entered the US physical gas market with a focus on wholesale storage and transport asset acquisition.
Delivering gas to wholesale customers in over 20 states, our growth has been driven by a disciplined process of opportunity identification and review coupled with operational excellence and fundamental analysis.

DXT NA is excited to look toward the future of energy and to grow upon its existing platform strengths. The organization is strongly committed to economic, environmental, and social sustainability and believes these values should be evident in daily interactions.
Principles of trust, client service, and long-term mutual value creation are core to the DXT global business.