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nature restoration

Our commitment to fighting climate change centres around nature restoration.  To this end, DXT Climate Solutions concluded its first purchase of forest land in New Zealand’s North Island.  Our aim is to nurture these wooded areas to achieve as much carbon capture as we can, from healthy sustainable trees.

We actively support projects that focus on preserving and restoring ecosystems, such as reforestation, wetland conservation, and biodiversity protection.

Our mission is to play an impactful role in financing nature restoration projects that sequester carbon out of the atmosphere and to generate carbon credits for the project sponsors, and the benefit of the local community and country.

“At DXT Climate Solutions, we are dedicated to combatting climate change and transitioning to a
carbon-neutral global economy

Hectares of pine forest

Tonnes of carbon capture


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carbon credits

We trade carbon on major platforms around the world.

By purchasing carbon credits, companies can offset their carbon footprint and support projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future.

DXT Climate Solutions supports both mandatory and voluntary carbon credit programs in the fight against climate change.

“Revenue recycling can subsidize emerging technologies, help accelerate the decarbonization of our industrial, energy, and transportation sectors and support vulnerable communities”

Peter Zonneveld



Peter has been a managing director at both Natixis SA and Rabobank where he worked in commodities as an investment banker. He is a qualified lawyer with a masters from the London school of Economics in banking law and financial regulation.  And when he has the chance, he hits the waves.
Amos Hermens



Amos brings over 35 years experience working in financial markets. He has worked in a multitude of roles specialising in trading, risk and proprietary model development. He studied in New Zealand where he obtained a degree in law and a degree in mathematics. Amos’s favourite tree is the Totara.
lariza goyal



Lariza, with a master’s in quantitative finance from the US, brings strong financial analysis and mathematical skills from her roles as a Research Analyst at Ernst & Young and Bellwether Consulting. Outside of work, she is dedicated to sustainability, actively participating in the carbon-neutral movement, and maintaining a lifelong vegetarian lifestyle.