Environmental asset investment

We invest in both the technological infrastructure and the natural resources, to produce and store renewably sourced energy, and protect the environment.

forestry management

An acquisition of 480 hectares of forest land in New Zealand’s North Island is just the start.  Our aim is to nurture and maintain the health of these wooded areas, to ensure maximum, long-term carbon capture from the atmosphere.

Through our subsidiary DXT Climate Solutions we will continue to seek nature restoration opportunities, where we find them, across the globe.

energy storage systems

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are playing more and more of a pivotal role in regulating renewable energy supply.

Battery storage technology complements renewable energy production as it allows us to store cheaper, green energy, to be injected into the grid when needed.


solar power plants

DXT affiliate, Matrix Energia, already a major energy producer from solar power, has plans to build out its capacity across Brazil to 120MWp by year end 2024.

As part of its aims to promote energy transition, in December 2023, Matrix issued its first green bond, raising R$165mn.  The bond, which was immediately fully underwritten, will further the commitment to providing consumers with clean energy.


Tonnes of carbon capture

MWp of solar power