Conventional power

Latest market analysis and cutting edge technology means we can move with blistering pace and accuracy

trading power

Our Swiss based power trading team optimizes physical power flows at a European level, supported by sophisticated internal analysis and forecasting models.

We exchange power products on the intraday market as well as on the prompt and forward markets. Our advanced internal trading strategies allow us to exploit market spreads in order to capture arbitrage opportunities and maximize our trading results.

In 2023, DXT traded over 60TWh of power in Europe and managed over 3’500MW of renewable power plants.

A.I. driven cutting edge proprietary analysis and technologies

The growing integration of A.I. with our avant-garde tools enhances our efficiency in forecasting and matching renewable energy production to consumer requirement.

Before any trade is made we work with sophisticated analytical technologies and forecast models to bring advanced trading strategies to the market.

Our analysts work side by side with the traders, continuously testing and refining strategies, while our development teams ensure we have the best execution tools to hand, to execute and monitor our positions.


Renewable power plants 

TWh traded

Spot and derivative markets