Who we are

transitioning on all fronts

We are an energy trading company committed to the global energy transition, both in the markets we operate in and the choices we make, as individuals, as a company, and as a group.

The better the market becomes at identifying in advance, and maximising efficiencies between renewable energy production and the final consumer, the quicker we will make a lasting change for the future.

At DXT we also believe in the technology transition, unlocking the potential of A.I. to enhance the performance of all systems throughout the company.

We are highly tech-driven, doing business in an arena which is advancing exponentially.  Our systems and models are all proprietary,  purpose built to integrate artificial intelligence to deliver faster, more accurate results, in all areas of the company.


our roots


DXT Commodities SA is part of the Duferco Group, a dominant player in steel, shipping, energy and innovation.  In order to maximise efficiencies in its power consumption across the various steel plants, in 2005 Duferco set up an energy trading desk.

The outperformance of this power desk led to the creation of a trading company in its own right, DufEnergy Trading SA.

our roots


our evolution


In 2012 DufEnergy introduced natural gas and LNG trading desks to the existing power desk.  Two years later, it took a majority stake in Matrix Energia, which is now one of the most important power distributors in Brazil.  As part of its ongoing expansion into new markets, in 2015, DufEnergy entered the US natural gas and power market.

 In 2018 DufEnergy rebranded to create DXT Commodities.

 Since then, the company has further strengthened its global presence with new subsidiaries in Singapore, New Zealand and the UK,.