Our People

our values

DXT is an international, people-driven company. With us, you can expect a professional working environment based on respect and well-being, without prejudice.

We are committed to our team’s education and development, both initial and ongoing, via our dedicated training hub: DXT Academy.  We encourage continuous dialogue and team creation as a conduit to success.


our values

inclusion & diversity

We have a word which sums up inclusion and diversity: people.

We operate all over the world and our global family hugely benefits from the diversity of cultures of the people who make up DXT.

We are an equal opportunities employer, working towards gender balance, notwithstanding the traditional male dominance of the commodities sector.

We thrive on engendering a sense of belonging, which unites the vision of all our global offices.


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Our Academy actively facilitates and promotes education, training and development throughout the organization, at all levels and in all areas.  It is people driven to cater to the needs of individuals and teams alike.

We are dedicated to personal development both in terms of well-being and career progression. This year alone we will reach over 2000 hours of effective learning opportunities which range anywhere from stress management to Scrum theory.  

As part of the Duferco Group, we make full use of the positive energy generated from inter-company, international initiatives as an opportunity to network and grow.

To help us reach our goals, we ensure that every member of the team can engage in development programs that matter to them, and which will help them personally and in their working life.

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