Our commitment



Sustainability means that we can grow by improving internally and improving our surroundings, through positive actions and interactions:

  • Constantly monitoring our diversity and inclusion and actively bringing balance
  • Making sure we are a contributive element to our people, our local community and beyond
  • Reducing, as part of Duferco Group, our entire carbon footprint
  • Enabling liquid markets for renewable energy supply to continue to grow
  • Optimising the journey from renewable power plant production to market



Environmental responsibility starts at home.  As a company, and as part of Duferco Group, we strive to reduce our effect on the planet. We  know that every effort helps, from recycling to making our consumption greener and more efficient, to rewarding green mobility.  We also make efforts on a larger scale; through our UK subsidiary we recently finalised the purchase of 500 hectares of forest land in the north-west of New Zealand’s North Island.  We are excited about maintaining the health of this forest to ensure maximised carbon capture, for now and the future.  This is just one part of our investment strategy into protecting the environment.

Through the offer of Guarantees of Origin (GOs), generated by our green PPA agreements, we help industrial and commercial enterprises to balance the sources of the energy they are consuming.  The value created by the sale of the GOs can then be used by the initial renewable plants to invest further in the production of clean energy.

DXT works with renewable power plants to ensure access to the market for the power produced and continued investment and expansion in green energy.

social impact

DXT, and Duferco Group, having a truly global presence, consider diversity as a norm, and we collectively enjoy the advantages it brings.  We actively work to reach a gender balance, regardless of the constraints of the sector being, until now, rather biased in that respect.

At DXT, the word development means personal as well as professional.  We are actively engaged in themes such as time management, stress management, health and life balance.

We are proud to be in a position to support our area through partnerships and sponsorships.  We are especially active in education and sport for the local youth.

social impact

Lugano Arte e Cultura (LAC)

DXT is proud to be a supporter and sponsor of LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura), the state-of-the-art cultural centre dedicated to visual and performing arts and music.   Inside its striking architectural structure, overlooking the lake, LAC provides wide and modern space for a rich program of exhibitions, musical events and theatre and dance performances, along with a variety of cultural initiatives for young people and families.

Università della Svizzera italiana, USI University Switzerland, old and new buildings from the Lugano campus, including students

University of Lugano (USI)

We value our ties to the community with special emphasis on younger generations, both at universities and in schools.  Our sponsorship of ongoing research projects with academic institutions, and internship programs offered to students, are aimed at best preparing them for the road ahead.

code of conduct

As an international company operating in different political, social and cultural contexts. As such, we have clear guidelines which express the principles and values that govern our relationships with people, markets and companies that for and with us.

Implementing these guidelines in our daily activities, we continue to ensure that we act in the highest of standards and best practices.  Feel free to view our CoC by clicking below.