Sustainability is closely linked to the core of DXT daily business, as the Group acts as enabler of the shift towards a virtuous mechanism upon low-carbon energy and energy efficiency, primarily focusing on renewable power, natural gas and LNG, and thus indirectly widening the solutions for energy consumers willing to enhance decarbonization processes within their organizations. DXT further supports renewable energy widespread by enhancing the value of guarantees of origin certificates generated from renewable sources. Within this business sector, DXT is continuously committed to develop new opportunities, seeking to launch cutting-edge solutions in the renewable energy market. DXT signs long-term Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs) to meet both investors and consumers needs in the energy sector.
Conscious of the urgency for common and coordinated responses to climate change challenges, the Group is further committed to share its knowledge and experience, in order to improve and raise worldwide awareness on global environmental related issues. For instance, DXT actively participates within the most important renewable associations and sponsors several seminars and events on the development of the renewable energy market (such as solar, wind and hydro) as a response to the climate emergency.

Code of Conduct


DXT believes that the respect for the communication and the engagement with local communities are factors which allow an organization to run its businesses within different geographies, maintaining its license to operate and, most of all, generating shared value for its relevant stakeholders. Meetings with Public Administrations and citizens are welcomed by DXT in order to transparently communicate to its stakeholders on its projects and future.

DXT is further committed in creating strong and longlasting relationships with the territory and seeks to produce beneficial effects going beyond the economic results, thus generating value for the entire community. The Group pursues the aim of enhancing the competitiveness and the general well-being of the local districts, together with supporting different local and international associations with grants and donations.

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura (Lugano Art and Culture): In 2020 DXT renewed its commitment in supporting and sponsoring LAC, Lugano Arte e Cultura, the new cultural center dedicated to visual and performing arts and music. Inside its striking architectural structure, overlooking the lake, LAC provides wide and modern space for a rich program of exhibitions, musical events and theatre and dance performances, along with a variety of cultural initiatives for young people and families.

Another thread of community engagement relates to younger generations, both at universities and in schools, in order to develop cooperation with academies and orient them towards innovation and growth of Group’s competitive capacity. In this frame, DXT sponsors ongoing research projects with academic institutions and fosters internships programs to consolidate its presence within talented students and facilitate their entrance in the working world.